Combustion Analyzers and Controls
for Process Heaters and Boilers

Improve Combustion Efficiency Through Stoichiometric Control

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New Quatum Cascade Laser Analyzer

Since 1980 Bambeck Systems has been providing the most efficient combustion control systems available for all industrial process heaters and boilers.

We are the premier designer and manufacturer of light-beam CO analyzers and process heater/boiler combustion control systems to achieve the ultimate fuel efficiency. Our systems are used by:

  • Refineries
  • Chemical plants
  • Central plant boilers
  • Power plant boilers
  • Paper and Pulp mills

Our technology and experience brings the most robust analyzer and control strategy to the industry. This guarantees the safest and most efficient combustion fuel saving operation for industrial process heaters and boilers. We address all the supplemental issues typically preventing implementation of low excess air control based on flue gas CO content.

  • Our services continue with combustion engineering consulting as part of a comprehensive package for a lasting successful installation.

  • We custom design a control strategy for the plant using our trademark combustion controls to maximize your combustion efficiency with safe operation.

  • Regardless of your fuel type or age of burners, our technology provides additional NOx reduction. Also the greenhouse gas, CO2, is reduced.

Please take a look at some of our past projects and contact us to learn how we can improve combustion performance at your facility.



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